Two Different Options for Solar Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne

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Solar power has the potential to run any electrical appliance in a household. However, most homeowners are reluctant to attempt complete solar makeovers. For those who want to start with a smaller solar-powered appliance, a solar air conditioning system is an excellent choice. Air conditioners in Florida perform an immense amount of work around the year; when you use the free and renewable power of the sun to run your AC, you will save a large amount of money every year to cool down your home.

You have two different options to consider for solar air conditioning installation in Melbourne, FL from Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. On the one hand is the hybrid solar AC, and on the other is the absorption chiller. They both have their benefits, but to find out which one will provide you with the best cooling and money-saving performance, you will need to contact professional solar installers for a consultation.

Hybrid solar air conditioners

This type of system is what people usually think of in connection to a “solar power system.” Photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on the roof of a house collect radiant energy from the sun and generate an electrical current. (This is known as the “photovoltaic effect.”) The electric energy goes to a battery where it is stored. The air conditioner can run directly from the electric current that comes from the PV panels, but in cases where the power is insufficient, it automatically switches over to the power in the battery. This makes hybrid solar air conditioners very effective, even during periods of low sunlight.

Absorption chillers

The term “chiller” usually means an AC system that uses water to create cooling by absorbing heat from the air. In the case of an absorption chiller, the solar collectors directly heat water, and this water is the catalyst that activates a generator in the system. This generator lowers the temperature of the circulating water to around 45°F. A fan (also powered through solar energy) blows an air current across the coils that contain the cooled water, and this action lowers the temperature of the air before it enters the ventilation system into the building. The water inside the system recirculates back to solar collectors to restart the process.

Absorption chillers are extremely energy efficient. However, they are not commonly recommended for homes: they are more popular for commercial and industrial use. Ask your technician if an absorption chiller is feasible for your home.

Call on the experts: Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

We are here to help you receive the most efficient and effective cooling possible for your home. If you are interested in solar air conditioning installation in Melbourne, FL, call our NATE-certified technicians today.

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