Is a Solar Powered Absorption Chiller Right for Your Home or Business?

Posted by Chris Allen

When it comes to air conditioning, people usually think they have limited options. With heaters, there are choices between different fuel sources and systems likes boilers and furnaces. But air conditioners all work in the same way.

Or do they?

You do have options when it comes to finding the ideal way to cool down your Florida home or business. One alternative to standard air conditioners is a solar-powered absorption chiller. What is that? We’ll provide you with a short explanation, as well as some information to help you decide if an absorption chiller is right for your home or business.

You can always call Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. for further information about solar powered absorption chillers in Winter Haven, FL. We’re here to help you.

What solar-powered absorption chillers do

In general, the term “chiller” refers to air conditioners that use cooled water to remove heat from the air, rather than using standard refrigerant.

The way that a solar-powered absorption chiller operates is that solar collectors transfer the energy from the sun to raise the temperature of water. The heated water is what then serves as the energy source that starts the generator of the system that powers the cooling cycle. The generator lowers the temperature of the circulating water to around 45°F. A solar-powered fan then blows air across the coils containing this cold water, which lowers the temperature of the air which then enters the building. The water in the chiller then circulates back to the solar collector to restart the process.

This is a highly efficient method of air conditioning. However, absorption chillers are usually not ideal for use in homes: they are most efficient and cost-effective in commercial and industrial buildings. For homes, we suggest looking into a hybrid solar air conditioning system that uses PV cells for power and the house’s electrical system as a backup.

What is my best choice for air conditioning?

There is no such thing as a “best” choice when talking in general about air conditioning a home or business. There is, however, a best choice for your specific home or business. To find out what it is, contact professionals with experience installing and servicing multiple cooling systems.

The team at Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. installs, maintains, and repairs solar-powered absorption chiller in Winter Haven, FL, and we can help you out if you think this is your best option. We also install many other types of air conditioning systems, and we will make sure that you end up with the AC that provides you with maximum comfort and savings.

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